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Proteotypes and Proteus Gowanus are pleased to announce that our not-for-profit 501(c)3 status has been approved by the IRS. All donations are now tax-deductible.

We invite you to support our publications program. Our books and pamphlets rarely conform to existing publishing categories; they are more likely to define new ways of reading by operating in between known types and forms. While offering them to bold readers for their own uses, we still try to make them objects as elegant as we can. Apart from design and printing costs, our overhead is low, and no one at Proteotypes is paid. You can be sure that your gifts will go directly to defray the costs of our publications.

We invite you specifically to consider supporting two forthcoming books, both to be published with illustrations: The Proteus Gowanus Libraries Project will consist of Experimental Libraries, edited by Andrew Beccone of Reanimation Library and Kate Adler; and Libraries and Danger. The first of these books will consist of interviews with founders of alternative book collections, and the second will reflect upon the dangers that libraries face and the ones that they pose. We are pleased to be supported by the Furthermore Foundation and, through Proteus Gowanus, by the Warhol Foundation.  We will soon be announcing a Kickstarter campaign. Supporters to both these projects will be named in the books, and those giving at or above certain levels will receive copies. For details, please follow the links to these books.

Please support Proteotypes!